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Internal Carpentry


At TMX we work with our customers to modernise their homes by replacing boring panel doors with sleek white and oak style doors.

We offer solutions for all types of internal doors to rooms, cupboards and built-in storage solutions.

We also offer repair and maintenance services such as adjustment and replacement of doors, repairs to handles, latches and broken hinges.

Skirtings & Architraves

Having new flooring installed?

No new floor is complete without great complimntary skirting and architraves (door surrounds).

At TMX we can repair or replace skirtings and architraves to match your chosen flooring.

Built-In Storage

Got an awkward and strange space that’s going to waste? Constantly frustrated by the lack of storage in your home?

At TMX we can create custom storage solutions to fit any and all unused spaces in your home.

Alcove, sloped ceilings, lost conversion storage, under stairs; no matter the space we’ve got you covered.

We can create bespoke solutions completely from scratch, or adapt off-the-shelf storage solutions from suppliers such as IKEA.

Wooden Kitchen Worktops

At TMX we are fully trained to install laminate and wooden kitchen worktops.

We can both supply and install your ideal kitchen worktop, or just install a solution you have sourced yourself.

All of our kitchen worktops are completed with mason’s mitre joins to ensure a seamless finish that will both stand the test of time and look great in your home.

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Property Maintenance for Landlords & Letting Agents

Personal Service

One-stop shop! Fed of having to call multiple providers to sort out issues in your property?

At TMX we provide landlords and letting agents with a one-stop shop for all their property needs.

We even liase directly with your tenants to ensure a more efficient and smooth experience for every party involved.

Reduce downtime between tenancies

We are used to working with landlords and letting agents, which means we are able to provide excellent response times for all of our services.

Our speed and efficiency ensures that you are able to turn round a property between tenancies as quickly as possible, meaning less time without your property earning money.

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Panel Fencing

At TMX Property Services, we specialise in providing high-quality panel fencing solutions for both domestic and commercial properties.

Panel fencing offers several benefits, but one of its main advantages is its ease of installation. These fences typically come in pre-made panels that are relatively simple to install compared to other types of fencing. This makes panel fencing a popular choice for homeowners looking for a straightforward and efficient way to set up a fence around their property.

Close Board Fencing / Featheredge

Featheredge or close board fencing offers a robust and durable fencing solution. The construction involves overlapping vertical boards that are attached to horizontal rails, providing a strong and sturdy structure.

This type of fencing is known for its resilience against strong winds and its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Its durability makes it a popular choice in areas prone to high winds or where additional strength and security are desired. Additionally, featheredge or close board fencing can offer privacy and a clean, uniform appearance to a property.

Picket Fencing

The primary benefit of a picket fence lies in its aesthetic appeal and decorative charm.

Picket fences are iconic for their classic, welcoming look that adds a touch of the ‘traditional’ to a property. They can enhance the curb appeal of a home and create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Chain Link Fencing

Whilst chain-link fences may not be the most visually appealing solution in some scenarios, it is a highly cost-effective and versatile fencing solution that still provides a visible fence line whilst also being quick to install.

Concrete vs wooden posts

Concrete and wooden fence posts each have their own set of advantages and considerations:

Concrete Fence Posts:

  1. Durability: Concrete posts are highly durable and resistant to rot, pests, and weather conditions. They have a longer lifespan compared to wooden posts, making them a low-maintenance option.
  2. Strength and Stability: They provide strong support for the fence, especially in areas prone to high winds or with heavy fencing materials.
  3. Installation: While heavier to handle, concrete posts are often easier to install, especially if pre-made or pre-cast, and they require less maintenance over time.

Wooden Fence Posts:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Wooden posts can add a more natural and rustic look to a fence, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the property.
  2. Flexibility: Wood is easier to work with in terms of modifications or adjustments during installation. It allows for easier customisation and alterations compared to concrete.
  3. Cost: In most cases, wooden posts might be more cost-effective upfront compared to concrete posts, depending on the type of wood used.

When choosing between concrete and wooden fence posts, consider factors like the fence’s purpose, local weather conditions, maintenance preferences, budget, and the desired aesthetic appeal.

At TMX we are able to offer a personalised recommendation on which route is best for our customers based upon their requirements.

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Do you have a tired and unused area of the garden?

Maybe a section of your garden that used to be a hardstand area or is now just old and scuffed turf?

Got a garden that’s full of weeds?

At TMX we offer a wide range of turfing solutions, replacing tired areas of your garden with fresh, locally sourced turf to ensure the best soiled turf compatability (this compatability is more important than you may think)!

We are able to supply and lay both real turf and fake turf (astro), as well as provide advice on which route is best for your individual requirements.


At TMX we provide services laying new patios or just renewing existing slabs.

As well as supplying new patios, we can replace broken slabs, repair and repoint your patio, and get your garden looking good as new again ready for that summer BBQ season!

Raised Beds

We provide timber built raised beds, all made with with either sleepers or treated timber.

These raised beds are made to your requirements, and can be any size and shape to modernise your garden.

Raised beds are also great for making beds more accessible, and ensuring you can continue your love of the garden even if accessiblility has proved to be an issue in the past.

All of our raised beds have built in drainage.

Hard Stand Areas

We are able to provide full concrete bases or gravel grid systems. This can be an alternative to a small driveway area or patio, and can also provide a great solution before erecting a shed or outhouse in your garden.

Gravel grid systems are a less expensive alternative to concrete base. They are also highly efficient to install and require less time than a full concrete base due to the lack of drying time required.

Shed Building

We can supply and build many different sizes of wooden shed in your garden, we also offer services to just build a shed that you have sourced yourself, removing the hassle and saving you time.

We complete a fully professional build on all our shed projects to ensure it’s done properly, and will stay water-tight for years to come.


Shed Roofing / Repair

We offer reboarding and refelting services for all types of shed roofs. We will always inspect the current boards on your shed roof and are able to just refelt if the current boards are in good condition.

We use high-grade shed roofing felt on all our projects to ensure a long-lasting, water-tight finish.

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Flat Pack Furniture Assembly

Removing the hassle

We offer a professional furniture assembly service that can deliver and install your chosen furniture in your home, saving you time and effort.

Want that fantastic new piece of IKEA furniture in your home without the hassle of having to build it yourself? We’ve got you covered.

Experienced Expertise

There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of building a new piece of IKEA furniture and having a few pieces left over. You’re stood there wondering whether they’ve thrown in a couple of spares or whether you’ve missed a screw and your cabinet will come tumbling down in a couple of weeks’ time!

At TMX we have the expertise to save you time and worry when it comes to building and installing any new piece of flat-pack furniture.

Bespoke Additions

Got a really awkward shaped area that you want to fill with storage but can’t quite find the right piece at IKEA?

At TMX we can adapt pre-made furnture to fit exactly as required into your home. We have the skill and expertise to add or adapt any form of flat-pack furniture.

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Damage Repair & Maintenance

Leak Repairs

There’s nothing worse than finding a leak in your property and stressing about the water damage that will follow.

At TMX we can repair and replace flooring areas after flood or leak issues.

We can also refer you to our recommended and trusted plumbing contacts where needed.

Wall Repair

Got a hole or damage to your walls that you’ve been partly covering up with a picture of poster for too long?

We can make your interior walls as good as new!

Floor Repair

We can repair sections of many types of flooring. This can make what previously felt like a tired room in need of redecoration look fresh and like-new.

We also have contacts for flooring providers in any specialised areas that we do not cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cover both domestic and commercial properties?

Yes we carry out both domestic and commercial projects.

Do you offer a guarantee on works completed?

Yes! At TMX Property Services we offer a 12 month guarantee on all our work, as standard (unless otherwise specified on individual projects).

Do you just build IKEA furniture?

No! Whether it’s from IKEA, Dunelm, B&Q, or any other flat-pack furniture provider; we can take away the dreaded hassle of putting it together and build it for you.

Do you offer shed building services?

Yes, we have a lot of experience in constructing sheds for our clients, including creating a solid foundation and base for the shed to stand on.

Do you supply all materials and remove waste?

As standard, all our projects include labour, materials and all waste removal. However, as all of our quotes are individual we are happy to work with our customers around their preferences.

Do you offer painting and decorating services?

Although we undertake painting as part of projects, we do not carry out stand-alone painting projects. However, we do have preferred partners that we can recommend.

Do you offer pest control services?

We do not directly provide pest control services, however we work with trusted partners in many areas that we don’t cover ourselves that we can refer our clients to.

Do you offer window and gutter cleaning services?

We offer many external cleaning and repair services, and also have trusted partners we can refer our clients to for any services we are not able to provide directly.

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